Friday, January 11, 2008


SEED was my chart for the day as it broke through the $9.5 resistance and closed the day $10.91 on huge volume. When it backed of to the 9.8 level i frankly didn't think it could muster up the momentum but it sure did with a vicious rally in the last half hour. Hard to get uglier than today. It was just disgusting and felt almost 1987 like.


Jack said...

nice on seed. you need incy to break above the high the other day to go long? I have been playing incy for several points now,on chart and insider buys but only have a couple thous left.
1987? I dont get the resemblance

upside said...

i agree on incy, also with strong volume-1987? just had that the kind of feeling to me- i remember it like it was yesterday-so it's probably the bottom

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