Thursday, January 31, 2008

Window Dressing?

I have to give the bulls a little more credit than that but the hedgies I talk to are bleeding and they not only wanted to get long today but they needed to get long today. It was a "just buy anything" kind of afternoon and I just went with the momentum. The shippers exploded on short covering and the consolidation that's been going on. The financials ripped higher and even housing had to be bought. I'm a bull but I still don't trust it. Bear market rallies can be great but they will pull out your esophogus when they sell off. I'm riding the bull but I am very cautious. We had about a 550 point intra-day point move today and I have been saying for weeks that 1-2-3% intra-day moves will become commonplace. The volume was good and that is always a good sign. Google got whacked in the aftermarket but it could turn higher tomorrow if the market lets it. I will try for some charts later but the first episode of LOST is on tonight. I made my profits today on MSFT,TBSI and some GOOG, short in the aftermarket. Got lucky on the latter.


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