Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Anatomy of a Trading Day

I was fairly bullish going into today because the overseas markets looked good yesterday and our futures were up nicely pre-open. Although the market was going to open higher, the leaders up were oil and minerals.Not necessarily the industry groups you want to see lead. I would much prefer the financials and technology to lead the charge. Around 10:30 AM there was chatter from some overseas hedge funds concerning Blackrock and the possibility of $ 8 to 10 billion in write offs due to CDO exposure/sub prime. The financials again reacted negatively and proceeded lower. Two, maybe three hours passed with no denial from Blackrock and the financials were still acting lethargic, to down. I was short Blackstone, up about three points when the company came out and finally denied the rumor. I immediately went to cover but my keys locked, because the rest of the planet was trying to cover as well. My trading platform sometimes does this. My 3 point short gain is now a 1 point short gain and I proceeded to go long the name for about 3 points up. Phew!! Crazy freaking morning and a crazy freaking trade.

The rest of the day was slow until we started looking heavy in the afternoon. I bought the SDS and QID, the ultra short etf's for the S&P and NAZZ ,and I did ok there until the close. I put out about five names yesterday that did fairly well with the exception of one:

SIGM- down $4.50-i thought it could explode-it ended up being a wet firecracker
CREE- down .30 cents,its getting ready though
AKS- up $ 2.50-the group was hot
ATW-up $3.03-the group was hot
PVH- Short idea-was down $1.08

I'm not all impressed with this market and it was just another miserable close. I am so rooting for a swoosh, a washout, a capitulation, because this is a tough man. Volatility reigns.


Stewie said...

Forget the bulls, they got nothin in the tank. let's see some nice selling now.

upsidetrader said...

you're right bro-i'm sick of trying to rationalize this crap-trend is down and i ain't fighting the tape--it is what it is-looking at anyting?


Stewie said...

i am just eying inverse funds again now. I don't want to commit to the bear side until i see some of triangles break to the downside(check my blog for charts).

Surfbird said...

I agree with Stewie on SIGM, nothing left in the tank. The guys at bigwavetrading called it a short two days back an I'm up 17%...looking for more selling on monday.

Anonymous said...

i couldn't agree with u more about sigm-i never bought a share as it immediatley scared the shit out of me on the open next morning-i did short today for a quick deuce-stock going lower i would imagine unless there is any short squeeze after todays late action-but i doubt it,stock in ugly downtrend


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