Wednesday, March 12, 2008


KOL- Goldman is out cautious on coal this morning. They think supply will come to market faster than people think and as a result price will come in. A way to play this group short is via the Market Vectors ETF. This etf can be volatile.


Anonymous said...

goldman has been wrong on coal and cant talk the market down

they tried the same move two weeks ago and European coal prices (which are driving US coal prices up) have been steadily rising

upsidetrader said...

trade working for now so we'll just have to wait it out-aci and the group are lower here-good luck

Anonymous said...

lol... your entry after the gap down isnt doing so hot

best of luck... you better take fast profits.. because coal company profits will skyrocket next year

upsidetrader said...

a year? a year? this is a 1 to 7 day trade-dont be a hater-lol

Anonymous said...

the one year profits will translate into moves now.. as soon as this market stabilizes

your ACI short cant even be making you money one day later (considering it gapped down)

GS made the same call one month earlier and no one listened for more than one day... and now the market is telling GS that they are wrong (again)

the expert coal analyst at GS just got out of school in 2001, by the way.. he hasnt even seen a bear market

I suspect he was just helping Goldman talk their prop trading book... they got caught short when the fed rallied the market 400

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