Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nice Rally

The bulls got tired of getting their asses kicked and mounted a nice rally. When the market got down near 12000 I thought there might be some support and as it turned out there was. It seems every time the ABK rumor kicks in as it did today, it marks the bottom for the market. The brokerages,banks and insurers have taken a massive pounding the last few days and I caught a nice trade on GS about a point off the low. COIN started off strong,pulled back and then mounted a beautiful rally into the close. I heard the Gartman letter owns it and made some positive comments. DECK got all the way down to $101 before it rallied. Still a great short and I will hold this one for a bit. CMG tagged $94 before coming back to close around $96.5. It was a good day for the most part as I just took what the market gave me. As usual. I will be back later if I can find some charts.


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