Monday, March 10, 2008


Just wondering if the analyst that went to a strong buy at Merrill last week on PCU and FCX a combined 15 points ago was called into his superiors office today. Where is the freaking accountability. I posted my original rant last week when hearing this recommendation and went short XME for 5 points. I screw up alot but it's because of me. These analysts have jobs because the bulge brackets have to have them. The good ones for the most part are at hedgies making FU money and you will never hear what they are saying or doing. See you guys tomorrow and be careful. And don't forget to look both ways.


Stewie said...

dude. how about a rant about our dear friend number 9. lol! he got applaused today on NSYE. I highly doubt he'll be around much longer. He really showed a great deal of hypocrocy. tons of damage control in his future plans. If he can work his way out of this, i'll have more respect for this guy than ever. It's show time number 9. hahahahaha!

upsidetrader said...

hope they hang the bastard from the highest tree-miserable,sneaky,rightous SOB-he gets a rant soon

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