Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Apple Tomorrow

I just found out that Apple reports tomorrow after the close. It's a number I always look forward to as it can set the stage for tech and usually does. The number no doubt will be excellent, its Apple after all, but the growth in Mac sales is what I am really looking at. I think the number the street is looking for is around 1.2 million sold and I have feeling they will smoke that consensus. I have two Dells and a Mac and there is just no comparison and it finally looks like the whole Mac experience is going mainstream. The analyst on CNBC said it best today when he stated that there was a time when you bought a Mac you had to explain yourself, now when you buy a PC you have to explain yourself. It's amazing with all the technology and all the brilliant minds on this planet, Apple just continues to kick everyones ass. As much as I think the number will be phenomenal, I won't be long into earnings, but will probably trade it tomorrrow.

Oil is getting close, real close.


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