Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Nice Rally

The ag stocks just exploded again. MOO,MON,POT,MOS are off to the races. Just amazing, what a group and IBM just reported a nice number. The stock is up about $7 on the day now. I guess oil at $115 doesn't worry anybody for now, so the bulls are having their moment. We've been to the alter before with these reaction moves. We still need to break through $SPX 1395-1400 or the bulls aren't scaring anybody. Maybe tomorrow. The market is either very forgiving or has short term memory loss as GE and WB seem to be distant memories. A couple of positive earnings reports does not yet make me a believer. I didn't do much today, as the market had the gap up, traded sideways for most of the day and then the strong close. EBAY just reported -looks a little soft


Stewie said...

the bulls spoke today i believe. the path of least resistance seems to be up, for now anyway.

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