Thursday, May 15, 2008

Great Day at Headquarters and RCH

That beautiful chart on the left is part of the reason. I had it on the blog this morning as one to watch. No. I didn't buy it yesterday but caught it with some size a little before 10am. I have had success lately trading names that had a monumental volume explosion "the day prior". I did it with SOLF yesterday after it broke out and traded 9 million shares the day before. USO had me all jiggy until it started to rally. Hate that stock, but I'm still short. Tomorrow it will probably be strong as paranoia about geopolitical events over the weekend always plays a part. Recent names mentioned in the morning posts this week rocked-LEAP,ADBE,ADSK,SY, SOLF,RIG all acted well or exploded. Hope consumer sentiment doesn't pee in the pool tomorrow. Later!!!!!! Anyone but me want to eat 40 vicodin when you hear the N.Y. Times commercial on CNBC?


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