Monday, May 5, 2008

Not Much Action

I caught some trades in the morning with CHNR long and a little Citibank short but had difficulty trading EJ. That stock always starts strong and then gives back. I have it on my radar because one day I will reign victorious.It really does look like it wants to go, maybe with a better market.The financials were a bit weak as I thought and I am watching the next move out of that group. Oil and commodities just expoloded and it goes to show you what is hated one moment, is loved the next. PCU and FCX were beautiful, but they gapped up and I didn't feel comfortable with any of the entries that they gave me. I'll check in later.


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I am a former hedge fund manager, broker and capital markets dude who now trades for his own account. I love what I do. I will try to post some stocks and an occasional chart that looks attractive for entry.I will also try to point out the idiocy of conventional wisdom and the lack of value added by the mainstream financial media. These postings should not be viewed as recommendations.