Friday, May 16, 2008

Sooooooooooo On Fire!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love trading when it works like this. I was lucky enough to have very good positions, literally near the lows of the day in SOLF and QCOM. The volume was sick, just absolutely sick on both. I held them all day and kicked them both at the close. I was very tempted to take them home but didn't want the risk. I may regret it based on the action. USO is giving be fits and my stop is $104. My buddy Johnson had a big winner in MBT today. I caught his call on Twitter and caught it for a a half.


Darwin said...

Upside, thx for SOLF & QCOM-got in alittle late but going for the ride. Any thoughts on AUY? gold shares VERY oversold and this one has copper to boot! copper breaking out of 2 year channel on it's way to new highs(FCX)-asked stewie the same question...thx for your hard work and insights! have a grt weekend!r....

upsidetrader said...

Glad you caught some trades. I'm still not a gold bull, but if you like copper I've always been fond of PCU,FCX.

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