Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday Morning Peek

Oil is down about $1.50 and it would be great for the market if this action could continue.It looks like the demand destruction theme is kicking in here. Solars could be in trouble here if this continues, so be careful. Was yesterday a dead cat bounce for the market or something more? It could have legs if oil behaves. I will get a mid day post out today but not this evening. A former hedge fund client of mine has hooked me up with front row tickets at Madison Square Garden tonight for the Eagles concert. Already Gone baby!!

I still like LEH under $35 for a short, it hit the number yesterday but bounced hard. JRJC looks interesting from the long side as well. Keep em tight.


PinkPanther said...

I love your blog and your posts. You and others have inspired me to create my own blog and I check your blog often during the day to see your thoughts. We have been on the same page since I started viewing your blog. Thanks for you time and thoughts.
I am a huge Eagles fan so have a blast at the concert.

upsidetrader said...

thanks buddy and good luck with your blog

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