Monday, June 16, 2008

Bored To Tears

There were great trading opportunities today in solar and shippers. I traded some AIS,WTI,MS and BZP. half heartedly as I just didn't have the fire at all and spent the day watching the U.S. Open. Oil exploded then rolled over and if you're a trader it just had to leave you confused. Sure, it's option week and things can get funky but this is getting ridiculous. We have LEH,GS,MS and MER over the next couple of days and I could not care less than I do. The solars rallied and the shippers had a nice pop. This is going to be a very volatile week with oil futures and triple witching on Friday, we also have PPI (much more powerful than CPI) tomorrow, and I believe housing numbers are on the docket. In no way do I even think we are out of the woods and I am staying real liquid to take advantage of opportunities long or short for the rest of the week.

I was rooting for Rocco today, what a classy guy. He was working for the Golf channel last year to make ends meet. Today's second place finish should help pay a few bills. Can't help but like the man.


Jack said...

The Roc has never worked for the Golf Channel. He has career earnings of 15 mill and is reported applying for a membership to Bel Air CC in LA. The Roc probably gets at least a half mill from Callaway and other endorsers per year for clubs and junk. He most likely makes another half mill a year playing on mondays with corporate suits. Everyone loves the Roc and he is a very popular player on corporate scene.
I really thought he would slay the monster. He missed way too many short puts

upsidetrader said...

hey jack
yikes, i only report what i hear,who was the clown on espn,nbc yesterday that made it sound like he was poorhouse? thanks for the clarification-he has been off he radar for a while, i thought he may have pissed it away by listening to lenny dykstras option picks

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