Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not Pretty

LEH broke $30 in pre market and is down an additional 5% and they are reaching out to foreign investors for cash. The plot thickens here so stay tuned. I hope it doesn't end like the Bear. The financials will continue to be pressured and UYG will be a trade today(short) I'm sure.

The ADP number(don't trust it) said jobs grew by 40,000 and futures caught a slight bump and oil is down a buck. I think we go to 10,000 with an Obama presidency anyway. Anyone else?


Bill aka NO DooDahs! said...

10,000 is pretty ambitious, considering the S&P is only around 1400 right now.

Oh, did you mean DOW 10,000? LOL

Take a look at who is Obama's Campaign Finance Chair, how much investment money he manages, the businesses he owns, and ask yourself how anti-Wall Street Obama is really gonna be.

There's less difference between the Dempublican and Republicrat candidates than you think there is.

Darwin said...

Upside, How low does XLF go on a break of support?

upsidetrader said...

Hey Bill
I can't disagree that the similarities are becoming so much more evident. I believe that both parties have lost their way and the polarization is mind boggling. If your'e a Dem you are considered a bomb throwing liberal socialist and if you are a Rep you are considered a neo-con of the same ilk as Cheney or Rummy. Where are the good old days? I just happen to think Obama is a professional orator and a completely empty suit. Not wild about Johnny Boy either


upsidetrader said...

not sure i get the question but 23.50 would not be good

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