Friday, June 6, 2008

Tough One To Rise Above

This is really a crappy situation for the bulls. The last piece of hope for the bulls has been the unemployment number behaving. Even the most bullish have conceded a horrible economy and market if people are out of work. Oil is exploding (up SIX) as well. Maybe the solars? I'm an observer for now.


kunal said...

Maybe CSIQ. This thing really moves when it moves. It seems to have found some support around 37-38.

Scott said...

The market demands that you come out and play!

Here's an idea - short a solar like JASO or SPWR, and long a solar like CSIQ or LDK.

Or do what I did, plow it all into PAL Jan$10C's and sit and watch your screen for 7 months. OK, I didn't do that.

But I bet if you looked at ETFC charts every day for a week, you'd be unable to not buy Oct+ calls.

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