Saturday, July 12, 2008


I was looking through some oldies this morning and came across some fairly recent posts that have been jackpots.

LVS -originally posted as a short on 4/16/08 at $67, then again on 6/21/08 at $55 and 7/1/08 at $45. It closed Friday at $34. Not bad work if you can get it for about three months.
WYNN- took a 10 point dive as well.

Of course there are some losers too, but at first glance not to many.

In my world, I miss some substantial moves,admittedly because my time frame is shorter than most, but if you are longer term, and I don't even mean that long, maybe two,three months, you would have made some huge money with some of the ideas posted here. Do your own homework and keep in mind these are the deepest thoughts of a twisted mind. LOL


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