Thursday, July 24, 2008

More Earnings

Not much on the eps docket tomorrow, but before the open we have: NFLX, BDK, CVH, NFLX, ITT, TROW

Tomorrow should be fun!!!!!!!


Schill said...

Can I just say your an awsome trader! I have followed your blog for a few months and you know what your doing. I'm 26 and have been in and out of the market for 5 years with no real success. Do you have any recommendations that would help me become a trader like yourself? How can I learn to see the market like you see it? Thanks

upsidetrader said...

thanks,are you full or part time at trading? I don't think "seeing" the market comes naturally to anyone but some traders are better tan others. Honestly you can read books and financial blogs like mine and others, but there is no substitution for "screen hours". That means time in front of your computer, studying and watching. Also trade virtually for several months to get a feel. Most great traders have lost sizeable amounts of money until they "get it". Trust me, if you do it long enough, the light bulb does go on and you feel a little more like the master than the servant. It takes time invested, and passion-i happen to absolutely love it, good luck

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