Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning Look

X had a real nice number this morning and it's up $10 in pre market. It's pushing the group higher and the coal stocks are jumping in as well. The financials look like they will rally here too. Maybe a turnaround Tuesday is setting up. I'm watching the agricultural sector as a possible short play. MOS is down about $5 here and I'm just wondering how this group will play out. Their charts are very suspect here. I will move fast if they look like they are going to cave. They can surprise you and turn fast so be careful.

I don't see the financial rally lasting-just my gut.


timo4sho said...


just wanted to ask you where you get your info on the pre-market movers? Being in Germany, I am not too familiar with all the websites in the US. Maybe you could provide your source(s) ;-)

Greatly appreciated and keep up the great work!


upsidetrader said...

hey timo

i am usually at my screen at 6am so i see alot of info, but two site that will help you with pre and aftermarket are breifing.com and nasdaq.com--also the free data center at wall str. journal online

timo4sho said...

Thanks a lot man! On Briefing.com, do you have a subscription or is it free? I somehow can not find it.

Thanks for the other sites ... checking them out today prior to US open ;-)


upsidetrader said...

breifing.com not briefing.com its free

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