Friday, July 11, 2008

My Gameplan

I have sold my CHK as I paid $62.50 in pre market. From watching this stock you really have to grab it early, it did the same thing yesterday. I kicked it at $65. FNM and FRE are in the bank as I killed em pre open and covered around the open. Again, same action a s yesterday, they opened down hard and rallied, I didn't want to give up the beauty of a profit so I took it.

My game plan for the rest of the day is to either go surf fishing or wait to buy dips and sell rallies. I think I will hang around. I will be using any RALLIES short financials and buy DIPS on names like CHK. I want to correct a mistake in the earlier post. it was DXD not DDM that was in the buy list this morning. For the record I haven't done any of the index etf's yet today


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I am a former hedge fund manager, broker and capital markets dude who now trades for his own account. I love what I do. I will try to post some stocks and an occasional chart that looks attractive for entry.I will also try to point out the idiocy of conventional wisdom and the lack of value added by the mainstream financial media. These postings should not be viewed as recommendations.