Thursday, July 17, 2008

Rotation Baby

They don't want commodities anymore. Hard ones, soft ones or any other one you can think off. Oddly, I didn't participate in the continued rally in the financials as I was so caught up being short the commodity sector. If I have more than three stocks on my screen I just can't focus. I did sell my overnight long on UYG on the gap up and I went long a little BAC and WB with profits, but it was all about commodities becoming unhinged for me. When the nat. gas # came out I went short and stayed short. When I noticed weakness in coal and steel I teed up a bunch of XME short and stayed there for what seemed like a lifetime. It was a staircase strait down and it was the best short I had all year. I also threw in some JRCC short for good measure. I also blasted XLE and OIH. I had IPP and MOS short. Too bad I ran out of money. It's rare when I press hard on position/positions, because I'm always looking over my shoulder, but I had it right and went all in short. I would have stayed overnight but they were catching bounces the last half hour. I have to run but I have some good ideas for tomorrow. Back soon.

PS. GOOG down $40 in after hours


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