Friday, August 8, 2008

Am I Really Posting This ?

Someone please tell me when I thought a financial may be a long. Maybe never? I started this blog in January and I've been short since then, so I guess I never have. I shorted this one for about 15 points back in mid April which is indicated by the yellow arrows, unfortunately, I missed the really big move down a few weeks later because I probably moved on to other things. Anyway, I'm not too excited yet, and it would take a break through $231.20 on much better volume. The financials need to continue the move up, which I highly doubt will happen, and it will need much more volume. Just keep it on your watch lists, just in case. Mets 3 Marlins 0 in the fifth, Perez pitching another gem.


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I am a former hedge fund manager, broker and capital markets dude who now trades for his own account. I love what I do. I will try to post some stocks and an occasional chart that looks attractive for entry.I will also try to point out the idiocy of conventional wisdom and the lack of value added by the mainstream financial media. These postings should not be viewed as recommendations.