Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Morning

My favorite enabler, Meredith Whitney was looking for more pain with the financials on CNBC this morning. I so agree. Who else will tell you the real deal if not her? ICE reported-not too impressive at all and I will be looking out for weakness on that name today. I'm content doing next to nothing this week until I can find sectors that want to lead or possibly break down hard

On my radar for possible weakness-ags, coal, steel, financials


Stewie said...

i was just going to ask you. to short or not to short ICE on this pop?

upsidetrader said...

stew--im gonna let it breath for half hour/hour--im inclined to short but i want to see action first

Stewie said...

fuck waiting. i'm in.

Stewie said...

up: thanks for the heads up on ICE. took 4K on that puppy. hope you caught some.

upsidetrader said...


upsidetrader said...


lol i didnt wait long either--she had those bedroom eyes lol

re: ice

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