Thursday, August 21, 2008

thursday morning

i can't do upper case on my daughter's laptop here, freaky. oil is rallying and futures are down as more brokers are downgraded. i still like the financials short today on any bumps. oil could continue higher here as russia blocks georgia's major port city and takes prisoners, they also signed an arms agreement with syria yesterday. so much for playing nice and the sandbox and pulling out by tomorrow.running late and have to get to the screens. be back soon. jobless claims in 20 minutes.


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I am a former hedge fund manager, broker and capital markets dude who now trades for his own account. I love what I do. I will try to post some stocks and an occasional chart that looks attractive for entry.I will also try to point out the idiocy of conventional wisdom and the lack of value added by the mainstream financial media. These postings should not be viewed as recommendations.