Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Linky Dinks

Ten down

Cool story about Tom Anderson, the founder of Myspace

Floyd Norris says "you could write anything down"

Does Sarah Palin have puts on the OIH? I love this gal.

Jessica Simpson is a 15% owner of a beer company. After five beers even Rosie O'Donnell starts looking like Jessica to me anyway

So far Gustav looks like a bullseye

What hurricane?

The McCain VP selection will be interesting to follow. She fishes, hunts, plays hockey, drinks a beer, eats caribou, was a beauty queen and put scumbags from her own party away--what's not to like??

Big money always gets bigger

If you listened to CNBC on Thursday it was the land of milk ad honey, Roubini always has a way of keeping it real


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