Sunday, September 14, 2008

What We Know So Far

Bank of America is in talks to by Merrill Lynch at $25-30 and could be announced as early as tonight according to the N.Y Times and the Wall ST. journal.

Barclays and Bank of America have walked away from Lehman and liquidation/ chapter 7 is next. (this could change but I doubt it)

Wamu is still in hot water- will JPM be a white knight?

AIG will be talking about a massive restructuring in the morning.

The market will be off the hook tomorrow---capitulation anyone? Sold to you...


Bubs said...

Makes no sense why BAC would pay so much for Merill...If things play out as you have written you think this will be a bottom for financials?

upsidetrader said...

tomorrow promises to be a freak show-maybe down hard and a rally-but not the bottom

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