Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Before The Open
First Call Yr Ago
Yr/Yr Rev
Conference Call (Telephone) Intl Speedway ISCA

0.71 0.53

Conference Call (Telephone) RPM Inc RPM

0.55 0.53

During Trading Hours
First Call Yr Ago
Yr/Yr Rev


0.36 0.70

After The Close
First Call Yr Ago
Yr/Yr Rev

Embraer SA ERJ

0.72 1.05

Herley Industries HRLY

0.11 0.25

Conference Call (Telephone) Infosys INFY

0.55 0.48

Lam Research LRCX


Conference Call (Telephone) Robbins & Myers RBN

0.70 1.05

Conference Call (Telephone) Total System TSS


upsidetrader said...

Hey, Upside,

Looking through the "ultra" etfs for yesterday at 12:49 ET...

I saw a pause for several seconds at that time on QID, SMN, and SDS. It was a decision moment, then the rally began. I wasn't watching UYM at the time, but (looking at its chart this morning) there were SEVERAL MINUTES during which its price appears to have been stuck. Who knows what the spread was, but it would have been tough watching the others pull away and not getting confirmed. You might want to check this on your system. Here's what my 1-minute chart of UYM shows.

The normal 1-minute volume on UYM is significantly less than any of those others, apparently making it an inferior trading vehicle.

By the way, XME was sweet, and it got a little head start, though I didn't trade it.

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