Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Fertilizer Breakdowns?

I posted these names on the newsletter about an hour ago but had problems posting charts. These all have developing bear flags. I put my short price levels in the newsletter. For those of you that haven't seen it I would short MOS at $30, AGU at 32 and CF around 47. Of course this would be contingent on a move lower in the market.


John C. Lee said...

MON, 5yr, looks like it has the largest room for a fall compared to the others. Everything else pretty much broke down close to their pre-boom state.

ShortBus said...

I would not bet on the ferts dropping too much further unless they follow the markets lower.

MOS fundamentals are not that bad, even discounting future fundamentals. AGU has to be the most vulnerable, I think, most of the others have no debt and plenty of cash and cash flow.

upsidetrader said...

totally but still more to if they violate

upsidetrader said...

agreed we need the market to falter further,that's why i have those prices

Brand said...

You are so late: MOS should have been shorted,July 4, AGU July 21,CF Aug 1.........HELLO!

upsidetrader said...

read the blog been short for 6 months-these are the new levels down,read the blog, read the blog , read the blog helloooooooooooooooooooooo

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