Sunday, October 26, 2008

monsanto and potash


Darwin said...

Joe, thx for the newsletter! Can you give me your thoughts on BOOM?....I've been short this one since the 30's and think it could drop to 5-7 soon. Also, still short C from 26> I think the derivatives timebomb could be the next shoe to drop.

upsidetrader said...

if it was me i"d be covering a bunch with profits like that, boom looks horrible and so does c, but you don't want to give back any of those gains

Darwin said...

Thx Joe, I do have trailing stops which I'll tighten.

Gavin S said...

I think we are headed for a rally.. EVERYONE and every piece of news is negative.. extreemly bullish if you ask me..

upsidetrader said...

these are the times we rally, you never know

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