Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Relief On The Way

Japan rallied about 13% and global futures are up again as the rally continues. The credit market have reopened and the 10 year is over 4% for the first time since August. Here s a list of those that need the hand out most:

Which banks may get the most under Paulson plan
J.P. Morgan
Bank of America
Merrill Lynch
$25 billion
$25 billion
$12.5 billion
$12.5 billion
Goldman Sachs
Morgan Stanley
State Street Bank
Bank of New York
$10 billion
$10 billion
$3 billion
$3 billion

Japan has put in place their own short selling restrictions after nearly going out of business the other day and are loosening restrictions on share buybacks. Their swell. The UK has just reported that their inflation rate is at a sixteen year high and growth is taking a hit.

Pepsi came up short on earnings, reduced guidance and is laying of 3300 folks. Sure, I know I'm a wet blanket but I think I've earned the right. Just trying to lay out the other side because you won't hear it in the media. Good luck today.


Gabriel said...

Hey Upside,

Have you ever traded any international markets, such as the Nikkei?

If so, you could be in business day and night..

upsidetrader said...

lol no i haven't-this is enough to keep me busy

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