Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Links

What will happen to Citigroup on Monday?

Aaron Task does a nice piece with Peter Schiff on gold and the dollar.

Vince Cable says tax the rich.

My favorite gal says even Steven Hawking can't save Citi

My pal Howard Lindzon talks about the lost decade in stocks.

Stock Jockey talks Buffett and the SEC.

Gregor Macdonald on revaluing gold

Nice piece on hedge funds from Information Arbitrage

This is unbelievable and truly sad. BUY and HOLD be damned!!!!


Rizzo said...

Best fake Bloomberg article: "Somali pirates in negotiations to buy Citigroup"

upsidetrader said...


Urszula said...

Hi Upside,
Great page today. Meredith Whitney's take on things is always instructive.

upsidetrader said...

Hi Urszula,

Yes, she's smart, honest and a true breath of fresh air

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