Wednesday, December 3, 2008

RIMM, ADP and Beige Book

Well RIMM cut it's third quarter earnings and revenue estimates so keep your eye on tech in here, especially AAPL. The latter could see its own halo affect today and it won't be from the Ipod. We'll see.

ADP's estimate for monthly employment, a revision to third quarter productivity and weekly energy inventories will also be released. The ISM non manufacturing index will also be released as well as the Fed's Beige book which is always interesting.

Further evidence of the global recession (too much to mention here) is FCX, which will cut copper production, defer projects and eliminate its dividend. The earnings cuts haven't even started yet for the S&P so be ready for that cascade. It should start soon.

Good luck today and I'll see you on twitter.


Speculative Measures said...

Hey upside,

Kinda curious what you mean by halo effect?

upsidetrader said...

the original thought behind the success of ipod was to have a halo or ripple effect on the mac-just an analogy ie..-bad for rimm, bad for aapl

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