Monday, December 8, 2008

What To Do, What To Do?

I'm conflicted as I am a macro bear( not perma) but by the same token I'm not in the business of fighting the charts. If these inverse etf's were regular longs, I would short them. I am speaking of SMN and SKF. The XLF on the other hand looks bullish. I'm misty eyed as I write because SMN and SKF have been my best friends for almost a year. It is getting harder to be short in here, however I do believe after the rally runs it's course we could retest the lows. I am however exercising caution going forward. Things change on a dime and one new piece of ominous news can change the charts. Freaking myself out now, probably calls for a single malt, three fingers. One day at a time.


GL said...

...."calls for a single malt, three fingers"

classic line. simply awesome.

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