Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let's Review, Shall We? Sweet

FAZ is up a mighty $48 from last Sundays call. I thought it was a good time to review some pretty good calls over the last week and over the past weekend. Some gapped down, but most of the picks gave us an opportunity to make a killing.

Calculating gains from my short trigger prices, these are today's gains:

FAZ + 18 points (just today)

BAC +1.38

UBS + 1.03

HBC flat but up over $6 from Fridays twitter shout out

BRK-B + 139 POINTS (5%)

AAPL + 1.80

AXP +1.45

V +2.80

RBS - gapped down 70% -no trade

MA - call was short low 120's closed 119 but opened a 126

GS +10

Not bad action for a day, I traded mostly FAZ today and some GS and STT from short side. Is there any other side? If you guys had luck with these names let me know.


RBM said...

I had luck wit FAZ today. But that sucker makes me so nervous because it swings so violently

twelve02 said...

I'm short Appl, V and HRS, though I think I might have entered these too late. This week will tell the tale.

kevin y. kim said...

played FAZ and SKF today. SKF has been a hold for a while.

was wondering what you think of overnight holds for 2x and 3x ETFs. generally, i think it's not a good idea, but i've had decent success (luck) when the market trends are so clear.

Bogdan said...

I trades GS all afternoon...thank you for this pick! I would have tried FAZ, but I find this to be moving to fast for a beginner trader like myself.

Murph said...

got into BAC short at 5.78 around 2:45. The distorted H&S on the 1-min chart gave me the signal. Im holding over night though and I don't know how great of an idea that is. Thoughts?

cf said...

I can't short, but I got in on FAZ in the morning for a quick $1.70 a share. The 3x make me paranoid and overly careful. plus I wanted to be free during the inauguration in case we reversed, lol. In the afternoon, I avoided the opportunities to jump back in on pullbacks because I just couldn't believe it wasn't going to reverse as soon as I did. OK for me that I made a few hundred bucks. Thanks for your watchlists.

Tony said...

BAC, V and AAPL.

upsidetrader said...

i never hold overnight

upsidetrader said...

i try never to hold overnight

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