Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Well, they couldn't wait to take the futures for an early visit to the wood chipper. Asia had horrible economic news over the weekend, Morgan Stanley is saying that U.K. banks are "un-investable" and Daimler came in with a loss about 10x larger than analysts estimates. Yes, it's true, the analyst community still sucks.

GM is back for more loot-or else, just as the morphine addict is back to the clinic and Wall St. looks on the verge of another disappointing session, I'm just waiting for the sellers to really wake up. Keep in mind that the hedge fund redemption window will open up at the end of this month for some more trapped longs, and every time I think it can't get worse---it just does. No Pollyanna's here and I am ready for the absolute worst in the coming weeks.

I'm waiting for Walmart to report soon. Good luck today. Tomorrow housing gets saved.


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