Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Follow Through or Failure?

There is Larry Summers literally falling asleep at Obama's economic summit. About 130 lawmakers and think-tankers were in attendance. Go get em' tiger. He must be working 27/7 because I haven't seen him since his appointment.

Fourth quarter losses at Merrill were about $15.8 billion, about $500 million higher than expected, "forcing" BAC to take an additional $20 billion in U.S. aid, bringing the total to $45 billion. Funny, Ken Lewis said last week that " I don''t believe we'll need any more in the future."

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) are really getting ready to implode and I will be writing more on this in the near future and it will have a ripple affect all over Europe and even here. Stay tuned.

Let's see if the bulls can muster a follow through day today, I'm always the skeptic.


BullPreacher said...

Trying to formulate a plan. I your view is there any place for investing in this market or is trading (day most of the time) the only way to survive.
If so where do you suggest someone put their cash today?

Would sincerely appreciate your comments.


Mike Masland said...

Agree with you on the Eastern Europe thoughts. Its gonna be nasty.

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