Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekend Linky Dinks

This may be my last post ever as my resolve has been weakened, breath slowing, dark clouds forming, just saw 400th pajama-gram commercial this week.

Dirty,Sexy Money

Zuckerman and Boston Properties scrap a big build in NYC

Murdoch and Dow Jones, remember this deal "had" to get done quick?

CNBC and professional wrestling.

Lehman took us bankers here years ago, hope it can hang in there.

Suicide is up.

Could BAC double in a week? If Geithner says the right things it could.

Now "we" have to rethink policy? I'll get right on it.

Stimulus = Inflation

Zell and the empire that was.

The newsletter will be out at some point today or tomorrow. Monday is going to be big, either way, as we will have the digestion of porkulus and the salvation of the financial system, so get your rest. I'm leaning bullish for now.


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