Saturday, February 14, 2009

Weekend Linky Dinks

We saw a week where Geithner failed miserably, a stimulus plan was passed and the DOW had its first close BELOW 8000 since 2003. A fun fact that nobody is talking about. Here are some links. There will be much more in the newsletter which will be out later today. Hope you had a profitable week.

Roubini says just do it.

Stocktwits catches some love.

You and I both made more than Twitter did last week, but no one gave us $35 million.

Don't slip and fall, you might get attacked now.

I lost count but how many times has Trump gone BK?

What's in it for us?

I can see it now, a giant Zune in every window.

Maybe we really need 9 million jobs

Don Corleone would be ashamed, you can't make this stuff up.

This has been making the rounds but she is what you would call a L.I.V. -low information voter.


jeff said...

thanks upside. still on black background here >>ouch.
good thing i'm on stocktwits my man!
been trading the 3x er's with success on the 1 min and 5min. someday i will drop a line to see what kinda indicators you use? if i may?
i forget where i found you, but the whole blog twitter experience has changed my style. for the better!!!
still undercaptilised, to really press IT, but making progress.
thanks again. have a nice weekend.


OldBlue said...

Didn't Jerry Spence recently say that Lawyers were more important than physicians?

Love the wallpaper, especially good when food is involved.

Kalare Studio said...

cool post, but ditto from the first poster. your site's color scheme makes my eyes feel like they probably would after i came out of a club and paparazzi actually cared who i was.

upsidetrader said...

hey guys

background changing soon

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