Thursday, March 12, 2009

Constuctively Bullish So Far

So far we're seeing a nice steady constructive uptrend. This is much better than a violent gap up, only to be sold off. The financials are leading--again, retail is strong, fertilizers are weak and energy is about flat.

We've rallied 10% on the $SPY since last week, do we have another 10% in the tank before we pull back? We'll see.

I shorted POT at the open and covered for a nice trade, my two open positions are long ISRG and BGU. Keep em' tight, so far things look good for the bulls.


Ray The Money Man said...

Mid day Friday, might be time to unload that BGU. I would have a tough time holding that over the weekend, take your profits man, it's still a bear market!

Great post!

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