Monday, March 16, 2009

A Telling Week Ahead

The market is trading higher this morning after Ben Bernanke showed us his home town and and spoke positively in 60 Minutes last night.

Europe is extending the rally and the financials are acting well in Asia so far. OPEC decided to hold production and crude is down about $1.50. Obama is going on Leno and Ben is done with 60 Minutes for now. Choreography at its best. I'm waiting for Geithner to dance with Ellen and Volker to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel now. Pelosi will be hitting the Tyra show and Barney Frank was only invited on Jerry Springer, so we'll have to see what happens there.

Do politicians go on TV because they have something good to talk about or because they are trying to reveres off declining approval ratings? It's never what we think.


adampasz said...

I thought it was an impressive PR job. Bernanke came off looking quite well: the humble geek with blue collar roots. I'm not it's enough to get Middle America back into the market, but it doesn't hurt. Part of of the battle for restoring the market is psychological, so it's hard to fault the Obama administration for engaging in psychological warfare.

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