Thursday, March 19, 2009

What If the Market Just Crashes Anyway?

The bonus thing is getting old already, and it's is starting to feel like acid in my eyes. Obama is probably ready to drop Geithner like a hot potato, ( he admits he was aware of the bonus loophole now) as Rahm Emanuel plans his next move for the President. An early out take from the Leno interview is Obama expressing astonishment at the AIG bonus situation. Sounds to me like Geithner's head will be on a stick soon. Some men were just born to be fall guys. Probably a blessing, he seems clueless on a grand scale.

Are we becoming a Banana Republic? Will hyper-inflation kill us? Will our greenback turn to dust? Are we really, really moving towards socialism? Are all of our leaders Keystone Cops? Are we fast becoming militarily impotent?

One thing I do know, our government would screw up jello. You want big government? You got it baby.


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