Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tough Day

I've looked at over 50 charts tonight but it means nothing until I figure out direction,so no chart tonight. I will say though, after being short DRYS for two weeks(day trades mostly/some overnight) I felt that today, as ugly as it got, it looked liked the selling was getting exhausted in the name. It was lower in after market but this will be one of the first names i will look to re-enter long when we turn. I will be posting my best bounce candidates soon. Either the world is coming to an end or I have to start buying and buying big. I love doing this for a living.


Who Needs Vegas? said...

What do you think of this article on DRYS?

I realize its from three years ago and is useless for short-term trading, but it gives me pause to hold this stock and makes me consider a longer term short position if it has a good bounce.


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