Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Can't Help Myself About Cramer

Cramer, over on Real Money ,is writing about RYL and TOL as stocks to look at. Now if you are a one to three year owner of stocks, I too would be buying the begeezus out of these names. But I think that is the fastest way to go broke. This fella, Jim, about a year ago pontificated from the mountain top that these were not homebuilding stocks, but "landbanks". What the hell is a land bank? Jimmy is so wrong,on so many things,so many times, that I am actually starting to feel bad for him. I must be crazy because he still own a crap load of TSCM stock. They say a salesman is the easiest guy to sell,and he buys it hook,line and sinker all the time. I will try not to post about Cramer anymore unless he really pisses me off,so no promises. It's my blog.


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