Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Commodities are Ripping

FCX,PCU and the gang are ripping higher. Wouldn't want to short them but I would hate myself in the morning if I bought them. I scaled out of PAAS and SLW today because they need a rest. As far as the agricultural group I shorted MOO today which is the ag. etf. I took that one home with me which I haven't done in a while. Sure there is food inflation and these guys are trading like Intel in the bubble but I'm making a bet they retrace here. I never short strength but they look toppy. I won't give the trade time to prove me wrong. I will be back later with more rivoting insight.


Jack said...

very disturbing that CNBC continues to hitch themselves to the greatest contrary indicator in the history of Wall Street. I guess if it bleeds it leads and he is bleeding profusely.
Is it any wonder he doesnt run a hedge fund anymore?

upsidetrader said...



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