Wednesday, March 26, 2008

End Of Quarter Window Dressing

The market is down slightly on the durable goods number. The market may hang in until Friday as I would think the hedgies want to show that they are long the right stuff,particularly financials as the month and quarter ends. I think we will have a decent correction soon, probably next week. I think housing and XHB is a short on the recent rally.


Stewie said...

i hope that's all it was, window dressing. this market seriously sucked the past two days. in my experience when the rallies are sloppy and choppy, it's a sign of corrective action and hence a reversion to the original trend is around the corner. I am ready for the tides to turn south but i am not sure about the timing of the move. sucky out there, hopes some real action comes around soon.

upsidetrader said...

i thought it would be upside window dressing as all these hedgies try and follow the mojo,especially financial mojo-housing is a short as i said pre market and the commodities have had there rally-oil could go a tad more though-gold gonna dive soon-you are right stew,very sloppy-i didn't even trade much today

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