Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Put out some more short today, pcu around $106 and xme around $70.70


Anonymous said...

Hi upsidetrader,

I was hoping to get some insights on NYX?? I am not sure if you follow this particular stock. I have been a sucker as I listened to Jim Cramer and got into this NYX.. I have been hurting now for a year and a half when I got in around 100.. Although this has turned into a long term investment for me now and I have brought down my avg cost basis, I was hoping to get your take on this... I strongly feel this is a great company however a horrible stock. Also - with PCU and XME going down - I believe FCX and others will go down as well... is this a shorter term play??? I should've followed Your USO Short... hahaha darn.. Way to go!!!

The other day I was reading your blog and was mentioning about Jim cramer... I felt really bad not only for myself but several thousands of folks who got suckered in.... In any case - sorry for the rant...

BTW - I see you have had your own hedge fund. May I ask why you no longer a hedge fund Manager???? I have been wanting to get some advice on this as well as I want to start my own fund. Thanks for your time and I value your insights.

KR Singh

upsidetrader said...

i try to never let trades turn into investments,thats why i watch things closly and trust my own instincts,don't listen to cramer ever,and the reason i don't run my fund anymore-i made enough and i like sleeping 6 hours a night

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