Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Commodities With a Vengeance

I was long three stocks and short one today and it was extremely profitable. You could have bought oil,ags.,gas, steel, they all worked, I chose steel. Many of you have requested more info on how I trade on the 20 day moving average using the 5 minute chart. I have done my yellow arrow "thingy" for you to study. I was lucky enough to have caught these at the very lows of the day, the purposes of the arrows is to help illustrate later entries you could have taken through out the day in case you miss the first couple of moves.

In the case of SMN it shows how the pattern can work on the short side.


Jim Driscoll said...

While I'm in awe of your abilities (I got out today with only a 1% gain - feh), I do want to point out that that you're using the 100 minute SMA... (Period times unit, so on a 15 minute chart, it'd be the 300 minute SMA - which works for some of these things too, as do the 2 SD Bollinger bands for both periods.)

Love your stuff! My favorite stock blog!

upsidetrader said...


thanks for the heads up

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