Sunday, August 3, 2008


The chart is telling me that folks are just tired of the same old "over promise and under deliver" approach at Mr. Softee.


upsidetrader said...

Hey, Upside,

My wife tells me SO MANY of her web-development friends are getting totally away from Microsoft. It's not only that Vista is a pig, but .NET is a pig, too, and open-source tools are better for collaboration and web development. Many of those tools are from Google or they work well under the low-cost hosting Google provides. Google is NOT just kicking ass on ads, and she believes an important part of Google's revenue will come (over time) from hosting. (She just launched her consulting site yesterday on Google for $6 per year.) She's doing a contract to completely redesign a website for a local hospital and pharmacy using open-source tools, little or nothing from Microsoft.

MSFT ranks 20% my 3-month volatility and only 41% in my 5-day volatility, so it's not the best stock unless it has a timely edge. But it surely looks heavy...

Good luck this week!


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