Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tough To Get Follow Through These Days

The S&P broke support and the $NDX held support, so tomorrow should be real interesting. Retail sales, more financial worries, bad news so not over there, and higher unemployment were the reasons why. I screwed up today but I have let it go, new start tomorrow and it's Friday, historically my worst day as you regulars know, oh the freaking horror.


George Jackson said...

Shake it like a salt shaker, baby. You'll be OK. If it makes you feel better, I've held a few shorts through this run in financials, and I'm hoping to recover them. The good news is I added SKF in volume Tuesday at the close, allowing me to recoup my current losses on ZION and STI already. Nice to see some rationality to bad news and numbers. Tomorrow's a new day!

upsidetrader said...


shakin it baby, at this juncture the financials aren't easy money, but i swear they go lower

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