Monday, January 19, 2009

The Next Wave Down and More Financials

A few more names to chew on, Bono and Bruce better sprinkle pixie dust tonight at the inauguration party because I don't see anything that saves this beast. Watch my levels. For more sophisticated traders, anticipatory trades (given a down trending day) ahead of my levels can be made. Good luck.


Kevin Y. Kim said...

wondering what you think buying in the premarket? never been a big fan personally, as it seems even a small player can move things quickly. but given the obvious weakness, a small position can't be too much of a risk.

Danny said...

great setups Joe, thanks.

also, CVX under 68.50 might lead those guys lower

eqix - under 52.5, even better below ~50...cap intensive servers? no thanks

Danny said...

oh, and a break of COF at 23.80

upsidetrader said...

ore mkt is a good way to get your face raked

RBM said...

GS looks like it doesn't have the volume pressing it down that the others have

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