Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Shorts For the Week Ahead

Levels to watch ONLY if the financials take a further dive. AAPL trades separately.


Rick said...

Nice set of ideas. Though it's confusing to have FAZ listed as a short when I suspect you mean it as a long (target 80) and the real short is XLF?

Charts and Coffee said...

I have been watching the AAPL short as well (I especially like it because so many are playing it for a bounce). There is a nice clean stop at 85 as well.

Take a look at the educational stocks. I think there should be a trade coming soon on those -

upsidetrader said...



Tony said...

Are the levels you cite closing numbers or intraday?

[Great site, BTW.]

upsidetrader said...

thx-those are the prices where i enter the short

Stewie said...


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